Home Insurance in Ukraine and Abroad

Home Insurance is widely spread abroad. In Ukraine this service property insurance only gaining popularity. Information and analytical portal “Capital estate” decided to figure out how to insure your property, how much it costs and how to get compensation from the insurance company. Home Insurance Gains Momentum   According to…

Money fountain in Kiev

In the capital, Landscape alley opened a golden fountain, symbolizing the river hryvnia. The author, sculptor Constantin Skritutsky, said that laid the golden mosaic fountain, the color of the hryvnia. “It consists of two bowls of blue. Designed to meet a ton of water. It is a symbolic river hryvnia….

Rental apartments tax in Kiev

Налог на аренду квартир в Киеве

Rental apartments tax in Kiev is waiting for people who rent their apartments. Kiev residents have to pay 13% of the payment to the city budget. These innovations provide project solutions, registered in the city council. In particular, the draft decision sets a minimum rate of monthly rent apartments – 7…

Real estate market Kiev. Hidden problems.

Among the developers of Kyiv survey was conducted. According to the survey, bribe officials to reach 30% of the buildings. In this regard, flats Kyiv became prohibitively expensive. The highest level of corruption in the structures that are responsible for commissioning and connection to all communications. New Economic Truth published…